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This amazing laundry bar has been made with our Stain & Odour Remover Powder combined creating a super powerful cleaner, odour and stain remover.


Made with Sweet Orange Essential Oil and a high alkaline powder makes it the perfect choice for removing sweat, odours & stains from sports wear, menstrual blood from period undies & cloth pads and food smells, oil and grease stains from chefs jackets.

This will be your go-to stain remover bar!

Our Bloody Awesome range is magic on blood, vomit, vaginal discharge, sweat, poo, dirt, chocolate, oil / fat / grease and more!


Vegan and Palm Oil FREE! Made in Tasmania and packed in a recyclable box that is made from FSC certified card and printed with plant based soy ink.

Bloody Awesome Laundry Bar - Sweet Orange

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