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We Know Cleaning – The Natural Way

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Journey to Eliminate Toxins

With an emphasis on greener, cleaner, and healthier living in today’s world, I was able to start my no-tox journey beginning with products that are essential in my daily life and routine. Having lived in the Middle East, the availability of natural and organic products free from pesticides and other additives, or chemical treatments were limited. Back then, I was working as a cabin crew flying across the globe and I was fascinated to come across different greener and healthier options coming into the market. I knew I had to find a way to incorporate more planet and body friendly options into my daily essentials...

I started with just one necessity– menstrual pads. My first step to eliminating toxins was using organic disposable pads for my period care. They worked, but I wanted to explore if there were better options– for fit, absorbency, comfort, and importantly, for Mother Earth! I was introduced to hannahPAD’s organic cloth pads from a friend 8 years ago and I haven’t gone back to disposables ever since! Certified organic, dermatologically tested, and toxin-free, I’ve finally found what truly works for me, and am proud to have stopped contributing period waste to landfill for the last 8 years! This one simple swap got me thinking of other ways to eliminate toxins in my household and workplace, as well as what more I could do to reduce damaging pollution on our planet.

Fear of Stubborn Stains

I absolutely love using my cloth pads as my conscious period care, but in the beginning I was worried about some red flags, or sometimes even brown flags... Of course, by saying flags, I mean stains! I’m sure I’m not the only one who had these concerns when beginning my journey with reusable menstrual products.

As we know, tough stains can be difficult to remove, especially when you’re unsure of which products and cleaning process work best for a specific stain. There were plenty of ‘wonder’ cleaners available on the commercial market that claimed to clean it all but they didn’t say HOW they did it. I was concerned about using products that weren’t transparent with their ingredients. Cleaning fabrics that have such close contact with my body I needed to know the ingredients were safe for my sensitive skin and for Mother Earth when they’re washed down the drain. I knew I needed to find something natural, sensitivity safe, and still effective on stubborn stains!

What cleaning product could I find that would be as magic as it claims?

Powerful & Green Cleaning Solution

I’m proud to share my not-so-secret cleaning magic trick with Downunder Wash Co’s Stain Remover Powder.

What to love about this bloody awesome stain remover:

  • Ingredients provided by mother earth (thanks mum!)

  • Gentle on clothes but tough on stains!

  • Environmentally friendly

  • 3 uses: in a spray, directly massaged on stains, or as a laundry soaker

  • Works real wonders on so many types of stains– Click HERE

  • Free from nasties- no bleach, no synthetic ingredients, no sneaky fillers

  • Full transparency on all product ingredients- Click HERE

  • PLUS, packaging is home compostable

Cleaning and treating stains with environmentally friendly ingredients that are healthier for you, your family, and the planet is important. So whether you’re having staining issues on any of your garments (not just cloth pads), or want to detoxify your laundry products– a good solution is with Downunder Wash Co.’s cleaning range.

If you have a stain concern, please contact us HERE and we’ll be happy to provide advice and recommendations.

To add Downunder Wash Co. products to your laundry routine, head to The Brand hannah, Nourished Life, Flora & Fauna, or Amazon online and they’ll ship to your door.


Jenny Lee

Co-director of Downunder Wash Co.

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